We're excited to be able to offer you our services of secure, ultra-fast cloud hosting. Our unique free cloud hosting service allows you to store your data on our secure servers, and access them anywhere around the world free of cost. Not only can you backup all your important data off-site, and never worry about losing it due to a crashed hard drive, but you can easily share these files with any work colleagues, friends, family, or internet contacts very easily. And best of all, it's free!

Try our services out for free. As a guest member (no registration required) you are allowed 2GB of cloud storage space, with no bandwidth limitations. Meaning, you can share your files with as many people as you want, without having to fear of going over a bandwidth quota, and having your sharing services disabled like other cloud storage providers do. If you need more cloud storage space, and would like better management, and statistics of your files, you can register an account. Free registered users are given Unmetered cloud storage, with no traffic limitations.

Premium members are given Unmetered cloud storage space with no traffic limitations, and your files will never be deleted due to non-activity.. They can download all files at unthrottled blazing fast speed. They also enjoy the benefits of our 100% secure SSL downloads. No need to worry about big brother monitoring what you're downloading. As a premium member, you will also enjoy no wait time between downloads. You can download multiple files at once. No more entering in a captcha for every file you download. Don't have time to download the file right now? No problem. Premium mebers can import the file into their account to download at a later time. Best of all, all no advertisements.

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